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Classic Crab Hook. Strong, forged and chemically sharpened, short shank, offset hook. Ideal for peeler crab and other soft baits.
Crab SCR24 - #4/0
Crab SCR24 - #4/0

Code: SCR24.4/0

Quantity: 6 pcs.
Size: 4/0
Type of hook: barbed

2.44 €
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Hooks Crab SCR24

Classic Crab Hook. Strong, forged and chemically sharpened, short shank, offset hook. Ideal for peeler crab and other soft baits.
Cox & Rawle
Cox & Rawle
Forty years ago Bob Cox and John Rawle discovered the benefits of casting baits away from the boat and went on to develop Up-Tiding. At that time the average UK boat angler used 30lb to 50lb breaking strain line and used a 2m long boat rod capable of landing a whale.

On the other end of the line was either a brass wire 3-hook paternoster or crude wire lead clip, both were held on the sea bed by the use of a 250g pot lead. In those days hooks were taken out of the packet blunt and sharpened, or not, by the angler. Things had to change, thus Cox and Rawle was born.

In order to use the lighter lines and sinkers that Up-Tiding required we set about developing tackle fit for the new way of fishing. Sharp hooks were specially designed and manufactured by Partridge of Redditch in a range of patterns that Up-Tiding demanded, these were introduced in 1983.

Lightweight terminal booms made from super strong thermo plastics soon followed, these were developed with our injection molding partners and were often copied, never bettered. Later, ready tied rigs, not available at the time, were developed on a species by species basis that better suited the new method. In 2011 Bob retired so that he can travel and fish more, leaving us to continue the legacy in tackle development.

In recent years materials and production methods have changed radically, so it should come as no surprise that Cox & Rawle too are ringing the changes and as part of our re-branding have taken the opportunity to re-visit our range and products. You will see famous patterns being improved with micro-barbs, sharper points, different finishes and improved performance. Rigs will be made from the latest high quality materials and tied in England to be better than ever. Hooks will be improved and the range extended to include circle hooks and some of the latest patterns down to sizes that offer the finesse that will make the match anglers realise something has changed.

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