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Daiwa feeder rods, Ryobi Reels and Rapala Lures!

New Products

We start this news with new feeder rods and Crossfire LT reels from Daiwa! In our offer you will find Daiwa Aqualite Feeder rods, which are definitely one of the most popular ground rods all over the world! The Black Widow Feeder series offers a wide range of modern feeder rods at a great price / quality ratio!

Aqualite Feeder Rods

Black Widow Feeder Rods

Crossfire LT Reels

The first new Ryobi reels from the 2022 offer have already appeared in our warehouse. Among them are the Ryobi Zauber Red reels that you have often asked about!

Ecusima Reels

Arctica Reels

Zauber Red Reels

Trout novelty from the Rapala brand! CountDown Single Hook lures will certainly prove useful in many waters, an additional advantage is the use of single hooks, which allows them to be used in Trout Area fisheries.

We have new Kaitum XT breathable waders from the Scandinavian manufacturer Guideline!

We have extended the offer of excellent Japanese Tiemco lures with new series! Additionally, you will find new colors in several popular series.

Cure Pop Crank Hard Lures

Spinnerbait Cure Pop Spin Lures

MB-1 Custom 175F Hard Lures

Salty Red Pepper Junior Lures

Salty Red Pepper Micro Lures

Imeru 50S Hard Lures

new colors

Laks 60S Hard Lures

new colors

Sumari 95F Hard Lures

new colors

Sumari Medium Deep 90F Hard Lures

new colors

The new Manyfik Duo Spin spinners can be used in various types of fisheries: small ponds, rushing rivers or calm lakes.

We already have new Jaxon branded fishing umbrellas from the 2022 offer in our warehouses!

Variant Camou Fishing umbrellas

Variant Fishing umbrellas

Jaxon Fishing umbrellas

In the last delivery of Sonubaits we received new products: Sweet F1 Original Groundbait and Fin Perfect Feed Pellets!

If you are looking for a lightweight landing net, be sure to check out the Supalite Nylon Landing Net Head by Preston!

For carp anglers we have news from the respected Polish producer Massive Baits!

Top Shelf Boilies Limited Edition

Squid S-Berry Amino Glug Limited Edidion

Pop-Up Squid S-Berry Custom Made

Replic Corn

Tigers Salty Sweet

Boilies CorkerZ


Emblem 45 SCW QD OT reels

Westin lures

Rapala hard lures

Headbanger lures

Guideline Shooting Heads

Marc Petitjean fly tying tools

Sebastian Bilka