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New Penn, Hardy and Greys, Japanese Ring Star boxes

New Products

We start this news with new products from the Pure Fishing distribution. Great rods and reels from Penn, Hardy, Shakespeare and Grays from the 2022 offer are now available!

Pursuit IV Reels

Regiment III Boat 5pcs Travel Rods

Regiment III Boat Braid Rods

Regiment III Roller Boat Rods

Regiment III Jig Casting Rods

Squall II Level Wind Multiplier Reels

Ultralite X Fly Rods

Ultralite LL Fly Rods

Ultradisc Cassette Fly Reels

Cedar Canyon Summit Fly Rods

Cedar Canyon Premier Fly Rods

Cedar Canyon Stream Fly Rods

Fin Fly Reels

Fin Cassette Fly Reels

Tail AW Fly Reels

Tital Fly Reels

Fin Euro Nymph Fly Combo Fly Fishing Set

GR80 Prowla Fly Rods

On our website you will now find new Japanese fishing boxes from Ring Star! The superb Ring Star boxes are the biggest competitor of the Versus brand in the Japanese market.

Super Pitch Boxes

Super Pitch L&R Boxes

Road-K RK-4500 Boxes

Road-K RK-2100W Boxes

Dream Master Boxes

Dream Master Area Boxes

Dream Master Compact Boxes

Docutte D-4700

Docutte D-4500

In the next delivery of Japanese lures we received new series of DUO lures.

Tetra Works BIVI Lures

Tetra Works Kurakura Lures

Tetra Works Toto 42S Lures

Tetra Works Toto Fat 35F Lures

Tetra Works Toto Fat 35S Lures

Tetra Works PocoPoco F Lures

We have also introduced new products in the offer of Magbite lures.

Sea lures MIMIQ

Gracy Hard Lures

Ballon DOR Lures

Jackson is another Japanese producer whose offer has been expanded with new lures and excellent fishing rods. We are systematically expanding the offer of available colors and sizes in other series!

Daniel Head Rock Lures

Artist FR55 Hard Lures

Ocean Gate Aji Rods

A new lure has appeared in the offer of Polish Dorado lures - Classic Jointed in the size of 16 cm. These lures will be perfect for Danube salmon, pikes and even catfish.


SPRO lures - many unlocked series

Mepps spinners - huge delivery

Invader lures by 13 Fishing

Spinfisher VI reels

Japanese YO-ZURI lures

Rapala lures

Sebastian Bilka