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New products from Shimano, Savage Gear, new Japanese lures

New Products

We start this news with the delivery of new reels from Shimano. The attractively priced Nexave and Nasci series are now in stock!

Savage Gear has provided us with a massive supply of SGS2 Rods for the 2022 offer.

SGS2 All-Around Rods

SGS2 Jerkbait Rods

SGS2 Jigging Rods

SGS2 Jigging Trigger Rods

SGS2 Long Casting Rods

SGS2 Offshore Sea Bass Rods

SGS2 Shore Jigging Rods

SGS2 Topwater Rods

SGS2 Ultra Light Game Rods

We are not slowing down when it comes to expanding our offer of Japanese lures. You can find other novelties in the offers of Megabass, Zipbaits and DUO lures.

Travis 7 Lures

Vibration-X Vatalion Hard Lures

DoRum 140 Hard Lures

Oneten Max LBO Hard Lures

Over Rev Crank Burning Shad Hard Lures

B-Switcher Midget Hard Lures

B-Switcher Craze SSR Hard Lures

ZBL Whisper 96S Hard Lures

Rigge 43SP Hard Lures

Rigge 56 Hard Lures

Spearhead Ryuki 50S Takumi Hard Lures

Terrif DC-7 Bullet Hard Lures

Realis Vibration Nitro Lures

A novelty in the offer of Polish Dorado lures. "Classic" hard lures are now available in the new 15 cm size. The lures are recommended for big pikes, zander and huchen!

From FOX we have a new model of two-piece carp fishing rods Eos Pro 12ft 3.5lb 2pc in the range of Eos Pro rods.

The mass of inquiries about Invader zander lures from 13 Fishing meant that a large supply of these lures has just entered our warehouse!


Westin W6 Flotation Suit

Rapala lures, over 60 unlocked positions

American Strike King lures

Dragon reels

Japanese DUO lures

Blue Fox spinners