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New products from Jackson, Headbanger, Westin

New Products

We start this news with the news of the Japanese brand Jackson. Our offer includes new fishing rods, hard lurres and soft baits from this world-famous manufacturer.

Shizuku Hard Lures

Shallow Swimmer 125 Hard Lures

Kanade Hard Lures

Komachi Hard Lures

Meteora Hard Lures

Trout Tune Hard Lures

Qu-On Blank Shot Hard Lures

Quiet Beats Hard Lures

Quake Claw Soft baits

Reaction Bomb Soft baits

Verage Swimmer Jig

We have added the FireTail series to the Headbanger lures offer. These big twisters are perfect for fishing big pikes!

2 new series of jig heads have appeared in the Owner's offer. Owner Precision Slim and Micro Slim jig heads - a guarantee of high quality!

We have new Optic 360 spinners from Westin.

A large shipment of Foldable Chair Superior Steel has arrived from DAM. Very comfortable DAM chairs, perfect for longer sessions.

In the last delivery of Cortland products, we received new American Master Braid spinning lines.


Fish Arrow Lures

Guideline products

Hunter Lures

Cortland Braided lines

Rapala hard lures

Massive Baits products

Sebastian Bilka