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Reels from Savage Gear, new products from Westin, Strike Pro

New Products

We start this newsletter with some hot news. The first Savage Gear reels are now in stock! We have received spinning and sea reels, moreover, new clothes and lures from the offer for next year's season have arrived at our warehouse!

SG8 FD Reels

SG6 FD Reels

SGS8 FD Reels

SGS6 FD Reels

Gravity Twitch MR Lures

3D Hard Eel Lures

SG2 Hybrid Jacket Slate Green

SG4 Wading Jacket Olive Green

SG6 Wading Jacket Black Grey

WP Performance Bib&Brace Black Grey Trousers

Savage Gear Logo Beanie

Reflex Beanie

Polar Winter Hat Sedona Grey

Fold-Up Beanie

Peak Beanie Rock Grey

New wading jackets and trousers appeared in the brand offer Scierra.

Yosemite Wading Jacket

Helmsdale Wading Jacket Dusky Gree

Fishing Jacket Dusky Gree

Helmsdale Trousers

The newest Deeper PRO + 2 sonars have appeared in our warehouse.

From Westin we have some interesting fishing rods and new lures in our offer!

W6 Powerstick Rods

Moby Lures

CreCraw CreatureBait Soft Baits

new sizes 6.5 cm and 14 cm and new colors

BloodTeez Worm Soft baits

new colors

Strike Pro lures from the 2022 offer are already available in our warehouse!

Pigster Tail Soft baits

Pigster Soft baits

Crankee Diver Hard Lures

Hooligan Deep Hard Lures

Bold DR Hard Lures

Strike Pro Inquisitor 8cm 8.3g Hard Lures

New products in Strike Pro are not only new series, but also new colors in very popular models.

Flap Jack Lures

new colors

Buster Jerk Saltwater Lures

new colors

Pro Buster V Lures

new colors

Tiny Buster Lures

new colors

Buster SwimBait Lures

new colors

Piglet Shad Lures

new colors

The Karbon Float Tube Net, designed for conveniently picking up fish in the belly boat, is available from Rapala.

Delivery of Meiho Versus Japanese Fishing Organizers and Fishing Boxes!


Norwegian sea jigs Solvkroken

SPRO lures

DUEL braided lines

YO-ZURI hard lures

Browning CK Carp Wand rods

Dorado hard lures

Sebastian Bilka